rmn grand palais

Following the merger of the rmn, réunion des musées nationaux, with the Grand-Palais in 2011, we were asked to develop the visual identity of this new entity, now rmngp, while keeping the original logo designed by Adrian Frutiger at the heart of the system.

Our entire concept is based on the idea of the circle, of light, and by extension of constellations and nebulae: the Grand Palais, erected for the 1900 World's Fair, reflects the very ambition of this French universalism, which we will embody through stellar energy.

We introduce around the symbol m, an ecliptic crescent that recalls the glass roofs of the Grand Palais, to make it a logo of light.


In parallel, we have imagined and created a specific typeface named "constellation" which will be developed by Jean-Baptiste Levée; this typography based on the skeleton of the typeface "future" also created by Adrian Frutiger, is in the continuity of cosmic radiation.